The Economics Students' Association (ESA) is a student-run organization that seeks to enhance the university experience of Economics students at York University. Working in conjunction with the Department of Economics, and various partners across York University, we provide a comprehensive experience for our members. 

The ESA’s primary aim is to have an engaged, proud group of Economics majors who can collectively raise the appeal of our degree program through academic, career-related, social and recreational events.


NEWS - Our VP of External Affairs, Jesse Wiebe, is competing in the Bank of Canada Governor's Challenge

 Economics students compete in the Bank of Canada Governor's Challenge

Economics students compete in the Bank of Canada Governor's Challenge

The Governor’s Challenge is an annual university outreach program organized and sponsored by the Bank of Canada. The challenge provides an outstanding experiential learning opportunity while also providing a chance to influence actual Bank of Canada policy.

The student team will represent York University and compete in the Bank of Canada Governor’s Challenge on Friday, Nov. 18. The winning team from each grouping will advance to the national round taking place in February 2017 at the Bank of Canada headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario.

Economics Matters

The ESA will be hosting multiple Economic Matters events this year, with different themes. The aim of these flagship events is to fill each of our mandate pillars: academics, career development and social life. Click below for more information.

Trading Competition

The upcoming academic year of 2016/17 has in a store a trading competition with a grand prize of $500. For more information, click the button below. 

  Study Session

Study Session

We got you covered with study sessions that are filled with those who've been in your position before and are in a position to assist you academically. We have MA students at our disposal as well. Click below for more information.