Melden Pereira

Director of Social Affairs

Currently in his 3rd year as a Financial and Business Economics major. He is a passionate individual who stops at nothing to assist his peers. His zealous curiosity with foreign affairs and monetary policies, lead him to pursue economics at the undergraduate level. Aside from economics, Melden dedicates much of his time with Bell Canada’s exclusive student team, and uses his creative force to improve special telecommunication infrastructure within the province. He is an early riser and a fast-paced individual who looks to get the most out of his time awake. His ability to interact with diverse personalities has allowed him to build creative relationships and quench his ardent curiosity. He is actively working towards making the ESA an inclusive and collaborative environment, and is always open to any student suggestions. As the Director of Social Affairs, he envisions that the 2016/2017 academic year to be the ESA’s strongest one yet, and is counting on his fellow peers to make this vision a reality.